Rueda de acero galvanizado giratoria  125mm  para  carros,rueda  de  conductivas goma gris elástica,eje liso.Montaje con platina

Rueda giratoria 125mm de conductivas goma gris elástica para carros (M125CPATS)


Rueda giratoria, soporte de acero galvanizado, con platina.Rueda 125x24mm, conductivas goma gris elástica (82shA) eje liso

products_height5-6,771/8" plaiproducts_diametern_bearing5" products_weight176.368Lb
electric_conductiveElectric conductive bearing_typeEje liso
Technical data
Type of support Giratoria
Type of fitting Platina
Wheel Material Conductivas goma gris elástica
Wheel Center Polipropileno
Standard EN-12530
Offset (in) 1-5,536/8"
Top Plate (in) 2-2,897/8x2-2,897/8"
Bolt Holes Spacing (in) 1-5,536/8 / 1-7,432/8 X 1-5,536/8 / 1-7,432/8"
Thread Width (in) 7,552/8"
shA Hardness 82shA
Static Load Capacity (Lb) 352.736Lb
Thermal Range (F) -26,11F/+48F
Top Plate Holes (in) 2,016/8"
Other dimensions
Product Code Wheel Diameter Bearing Type Height Capacity
M050CPATS 2" Eje liso 2-7,149/8" 110.23Lb
M050CPCTS 2" Rodamiento a bolas 2-7,149/8" 110.23Lb
M075CPATS 3" Eje liso 3-7,811/8" 132.276Lb
M075CPCTS 3" Rodamiento a bolas 3-7,811/8" 132.276Lb
M100CPATS 4" Eje liso 4-6,897/8" 154.322Lb
M100CPCTS 4" Rodamiento a bolas 4-6,897/8" 154.322Lb
M125CPCTS 5" Rodamiento a bolas 5-6,771/8" 176.368Lb